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Bounce Houses for Sale

commercial grade Bounce Houses for Sale online
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About Our Commercial Bounce Houses

Ultimate Jumpers has a wide selection of bounce houses for sale, as well as moonwalks, obstacle courses, water slides, and a vast array of other commercial-grade inflatable products for kids of all ages. Rather than going through the trouble of renting a commercial bounce house, you can buy one from Ultimate Jumpers at wholesale pricing.

Check out our huge selection of inflatable jumpers and commercial bounce houses by clicking here!

Bounce House Sale - 365 days a year!

To ensure that you get the most out of your investment at Ultimate Jumpers, we make our products available at wholesale pricing all year long.

Commercial bounce houses and inflatable amusement devices always draw a crowd. So, if your community, organization, or business is having a charitable event or a promotion, our equipment will surely attract plenty of kids and their families.

Kids love to have fun, and that is exactly what our jumpers, bounce houses, moonwalks, and obstacle courses are built for. Why not give them access to this type of fun 365 days a year? When you buy from us, you can rest assured that all of the bounce houses we have for sale are sturdy, have been tested at great lengths for safety, and come with an excellent warranty.

The History of Commercial Bounce Houses

In the 1950ís, a manufacturer of inflatable tennis court covers found his employees jumping on a cover that had been left out overnight. From there, he realized this would be a great recreational concept for kids. Of course, back then, jumpers were not enclosed like they are today. Itís safe to say that inflatables have come a long way! Now, the industry is required to abide by stringent standards to ensure the highest level of safety.

Is Ultimate Jumpers a Bounce House Franchise?

We are not a bounce house franchise, rather, we sell jumper merchandise to retailers and distributors at wholesale prices. If you want to start your own commercial bounce house business, you can do so simply by renting out the inflatable amusement equipment you purchase from us. You can offer this service to your local community for events, fundraisers, business promotions, and functions!

Feel free to contact us at 800-219-9211 if you have questions on our products or are wondering how you can start your own inflatables business.